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AAC Strategic Planning Initiative


Dear Friends,

     As we look toward the New Year 5779, we wanted to bring you up to date on the progress of our congregation’s journey in the Strategic Planning process.

     In the past year, we have covered a lot of ground together.  Thanks to your participation in the congregational survey, we gained a greater understanding of the things that you value in our community and areas where we can do better. To further explore important feedback from the survey, more than 100 congregants shared their ideas and suggestions in a series of nine Community Conversations held in member’s homes and in the synagogue. 

     Information from the survey, the Community Conversations, as well as in-depth interviews with Board, professional staff, and committee leadership, made it clear that we needed to get to work to advance important goals you identified in five priority areas:

  • Internal Communications and Member Engagement
  • Operations and Finance
  • Leadership and Governance
  • Spirituality, Prayer, and Learning
  • External Communications

     Beginning in mid-March, many of you volunteered to serve on Task Forces that met for three months to develop action plans for achieving these goals.  Task Forces prioritized a series of specific, actionable recommendations for the Board.  Task Force members considered the budget implications of each recommendation and estimated time frames for implementation.  Next, the Board will consider and vote on the recommendations.  The dates of these meetings will be announced in advance, and all are encouraged to attend.

     While the recommendations cover a broad range of priorities, they are linked by a common thread: our community’s vision to foster and nurture deep and lasting relationships among members.  These relationships, based on mutual trust, support, and commitment to one another, are the covenant that holds our community together through the generations. 

     You’ll receive a summary of the report and recommendations in your inboxes and mailboxes this fall, and the full text will be available for all who wish to read it.  But more importantly, in the year to come, you’ll begin to see some enhancements to key aspects of our community and perhaps some new ideas piloted.

     You won’t find the Strategic Plan sitting on a shelf in our library.  Instead, as an actively engaged member of the congregation, you will live and shape it over time based on your ideas, actions, and continued conversation.  As we conclude one part of the journey, we are entering a new and exciting stage, when we will introduce and fine-tune changes over time to make our community the best it can be.

     We express our deep gratitude to all who have participated in the Strategic Planning process in the past year.  We look forward to the next steps, and we want to hear from you.  Please reach out to us any time with your thoughts and suggestions. 

L’shanah tovah.

     Questions?  Feel free to contact a Steering Committee Co-Chairs:
            Rachel Goldberg: rachelfgoldberg@gmail.com
            Jim Robbins: james.robbins1@gmail.com
            Rabbi Steven Rein: srein@agudasachim-va.org