Disability Inclusion and Awareness Committee


Fill out the Disability Inclusion Questionnaire to both request specific accommodations and/or provide feedback on our current inclusion practices.

 The Agudas Achim DisabilityInclusion Committee was formed this past February on the heels of our very successful Disability Inclusion andAwareness Shabbat weekend. The purpose of the Committee is to promote inclusion and access for individualswith disabilities at Agudas Achim. The committee held its first meeting in early March and is chaired by Barbara Elkin. We have launched the  Disability Inclusion Questionnaire which will seek feedback about the needs of congregants for accommodations in all aspects of congregational life. The survey is available on the AgudasAchim website or call the AAC office if any Congregant prefers a survey mailed to them. Please watch the weekly update for the announcement about the survey going live on the website. The Committee will also be working with staff and leadership to implement a self-assessment, using the Disability Self-Assessment Toolkit developed by Federation. If you are interested in being on the committee, or want more information about the work of the committee, please contact Barbara Elkin at bjelk@aol.com.